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Welcome to Cabinet Finish Systems Inc.

Welcome to Cabinet Finish Systems Inc.

what we do & how it works

Our Products

We use two different products on cabinets. We use catalyzed lacquer and conversion varnish.  Both of these products are industry standards on newly manufactured cabinets.

Why Not Primer & Paint

Primers and paints are to pores and will never stay on your cabinets. It is soft and promotes contaminants to adhere to your cabinets and immediately begin the breakdown process. It is a stop gap measure and will fail 100% of the time.

How does yours compare to new cabinets?

Our finish looks and feels exactly like that on cabinets you see in the store, as it should, it is the exact same products.

Is it expensive?

No. It is fairly inexpensive, especially compared to new cabinets. We are usually 25%-30% of the cost of new without your kitchen being torn up weeks on end. On average between $2200-$3500 it can be more, or less.

Do I have to chose white?

No, any color you see on a paint swatch we can have matched. We can even keep natural looking colors on your cabinets through the use of toners and clear coats. We can even get objects matched if you're not sure of a color.

Does it smell?

It is the worse thing you have ever smelled in your life! However, we barricade your kitchen from the rest of the home and only about 5% of the smell seeps out. Once a shell starts to create we remove the barriers and begin the clean up and protection removal. Since it is a chemical coating the small starts to dissipate immediately and goes away quickly unlike paint that lingers for days.



Book Cases & Furniture

Have a home office? Not sure what to do with it? We can give it that wow factor at a reasonable cost. Call or email for details!


Make them look new

Have well built cabinets? Not sure about how to bring them into the 2000's? We can help. We can make them look brand new again at a fraction of the cost. Don't replace or reface, refinish the right way!


Absolutely the best!

Want to keep the natural look? No problem. We can restore, fix scratches and even go darker, and slightly different shades without having to strip them. For a fraction of the cost we can make them look new again.

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